Ancient Greeks used to suffuse their body and hair with olive oil, in order  to make them look clean, soft and shiny. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants (Bitamin Ε and Κ),and  minerals. It nourishes, reconstructs and moisturizes.

A hot bath with milk and honey is an easy and quick way for the body to rejuvenate, and relax your mind after a hard day. Cleopatra, the most beautiful woman in Egypt, used milk and honey as a beauty mask. The lactose contained in milk dissolves the dead cells and the milk softens the skin.

CHAMOMILE: Chamomile , (Marticaria Chamemilla) took its name from its scent . Chamomile has significantly positive effects to our body and  it helps against various diseases .  We use chamomile as the basic ingredient and we recommend it as a basis for a clean and soft skin even for the  most sensitive ones.

soap whith orange and cinnamon

 Orange helps our  skin  stay fresh and young. It firms  loose skin , promotes brain function and  fights against acne, offering a gentle exfoliation for sensitive skin. It also improves blood circulation to the skin reducing dryness and positively affects the look of the skin. Cinnamon preserves  the natural glow of  skin and it prevents wrinkles formation .The combination of orange, which takes precedence over the vitamin C, with the  antibacterial , anti-aging and antiseptic properties of cinnamon , give excellent results.

Lavender :The lavender plant is described as  balancing. It relaxes, combats stress  and melancholy tones . It is the best way to  combat nervousness and sluggishness, depression and hyper stimulation.  A warm bath with lavender soap in the evening, promises a deep and rested sleep

Seaweed and sand grains.
Stretches and moisturizes our skin, leaving it soft and smooth. It provides protection against free radicals and intoxidation .It  cleans the skin and balances the skin oils. It has anti-aging effects. Energizes, nourishes the cells and stimulates the process of cell division. It  contains iodine which rejuvenates the skin, as the combination with sea salt and essential oils, helps in tightening the skin.